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Meet Brittney Jack

Founder of Beast 2 Beauty Bar Medi Spa

Meet Brittney Jack CMP,CMA,COA & C-MANT, the founder and treatment professional at Beast 2 Beauty Bar. She was nominated for the People’s Choice Awards (small business) for 4 years in a row since 2019-2022. Brittney believes in supporting her clients in their overall desire to let their beauty shine through their wellness, for the whole body.

While philosophy is the comprehensive study of general and fundamental knowledge and existence, rest assured that it does not describe Brittney Jack in any form. Brittney is a firm believer in achieving, engaging, and accomplishing. She believes that each of us can defy the odds, work hard, and thrive. Brittney believes that you can rise above your story, or any disability you may have, to become all you are intended to be. On her journey, she realized that thinking of only yourself doesn’t accomplish the goals she has set. Being your best and helping others is a huge part of her defined opportunities.

Brittney was injured at the age of 21 in a mill where she worked while earning money to attend Beauty School. After 16 surgeries and few other hoops, she jumped through; she completed her studies in Esthetics and Nails in 2016. Since then, Brittney has completed advanced education in foot care, massage therapy, and specialized skincare for diabetes and geriatric clientele. She has a tenacious attitude that keeps her on track and never looking back. Specilized in advanced foot care, massage realignment therapy & skincare. Proud to be the first in the area to transition into a medical spa after medical upgrades in aesthetics, oncology,master advanced pedicurist(school of podology) & medical advanced nail technitian certifications.

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