B2B scholarship Donations

Future Graduate Donations

Awarded to a graduate in the community of Williams Lake wanting to pursue a career in the beauty industry at an accredited institute. Ex makeup, nails, and esthetics programs(diplomas) do not have the support or means to afford proper training as most programs are 15 thousand per program at Canada-approved schools. Non-qualified or non-accredited courses are popping up all over the place as the industry is not regulated. Setting the graduates up for a disaster as insurance companies require proper certification to get appropriate insurance and be successful. Card on file will be used to process through Fresha booking system when donated outside of monthly bookings. Fresha is a secure payment system for donations! Others processed at service checkout!

At B2B, we wish to see more adequately trained professionals in the industry to prevent injury to the public. In the short time owning a business, I have seen some horrific sights inflicted on compromised clients by those that do not have the proper training on contraindications to treatments. These non-standard places use non-professional tools, non-professional products, non-professional equipment resulting in permanent disfigurement, severe infections & spreading disease. Thank-you!