Service Maintenance(Scholarship Donation Treatments)

Corn Removal

Maintain corn in between appointments that are causing pain.

Biomechanics Footwear Followup

Once the client has had a leg & foot evaluation, the client will return with proper footwear with orthotics if available. Try out a few support options for movement disorders causing foot/lower limb pain & imbalance during walking.

Toenail Reconstruction

Your toenail is lifting due to trauma to the nail and needs a little bit of TLC.

Ingrown Brace Maintenance

Your ingrown brace is lifting & needs to be secured.

Planters Warts

B2B experts will remove the dead skin to allow your at-home treatment to penetrate more effectively. Plantar warts usually occur on the sole and are contagious. They typically are rough and spongy, and most are gray, brown, or yellow with dark pinpoints.

Plantar warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) and can occur on the sole (plantar surface), heel, or ball of the foot. Pressure from standing and walking may cause the wart to grow into deep layers of the skin, which may be painful.