Advanced Treatments & Foot Health

B2B Enhancements ( Advanced Nail Treatments & Wellness)

OMEGA Phototherapy(Fungal Treatment)

Help fungal nails clear up faster by destroying bacteria below the natural nail plate pain free solution. Great for compromised clients suffering with fungal infections! None invasive laser treatment for compromised clients struggling with advanced fungal infections.

Far-Infrared Red Therapy Sauna Blanket(30min max weekly)

Designed to help with Arthritis, osteoporosis, improve sleep, improve blood flow, lower blood pressure, aid in weight loss, increase metabolism, regulate sugar levels, improve skin's appearance, pain management, regulate hormones & much more.

B2B Jelly Spa Relax Ritual

Indulge in a jelly spa foot soak to remove stress,hydrate & help arthritis or kill foot fungus! While being massaged in our pedicure stations for ultimate relaxation. Allow the scent of choice to enhance your wellbeing & mood to soak the stress away!! Paired with reflexology pressure point massage to relax your tired feet & relieve foot pain.

Medi-Heel Peel/PH Neutralizer

The keratolytic alkaline solution breaks up protein bonds on the corneum stratum, making it easy to scrape off dead skin cells after a 10 minute application.Perfect for severly cracked heels or thickened calluses that need extra callus removal time. Add onto your pedicure for extra time needed to apply & remove or as a stand alone treatment in between treatments for built up dry skin.

IBX Nail Repair & Strengthen/Boost

IBX repair and strength are applied specifically to targeted damaged areas including splits, peeling, and free edge delamination. Acts like “double-sided sticky tape” to seal damaged areas together. As well as strengthen the natural nail for healthier natural nails.

10 Pedique Reconstruction(Fungal overlay)

Includes nail care with an application of new prosthetic anti-mycotic gel toenails. This is an overlay/construction for all 10 nails to give fungal clients natural looking toenails for the summer months while using treatment & allow male clients to feel confident wearing open toe shoes. Neutralising any yellowing color below the prosthetics while the nails continue to grow out healthy in between monthly visits.

1 BS Brace Extreme Curve Ingrown Treatment

PROBLEM-Big Toenails! Severely curved toenails that are painful and sensitive to the touch from: Narrow fitting toe pinching shoes Involuted, pincer, or ram horn nails Toenails prone to ingrown SOLUTION The B/S Brace System is a revolutionary corrective technique for extremely curved nails that:

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Foot Health(CMP/Foot Specialist & Medical-Advanced Nail Technician)

B2B Spa-2-Gether Pedicures

Enjoy your Beast 2 Beauty Pedicures side-by-side! Nails are finished with an anti-fungal base coat, traditional polish, or gel polish.

La Petite Spa-2-Gether Pedicures

Enjoy your pedicure experience with your little one! For the adult, choose between Beast 2 Beauty or Jelly infusion manicures, for your little one, a la petite volcano pedicure (16 & under). Nails are finished with anti-fungal base coat, traditional polish, or gel polish. Gel polish is for adults only.

CMP Specialty Medical Pedicure

This customized pedicure is for the feet that need a little extra TLC to alleviate concerns that have been left far too long & require extra attention. Medi Meets Pedi!

Luxury Medi-Heel Pedicure

Includes copper detox, anti-fungal soak, nail & cuticle care, and more!

Enzyme-Infusion Jelly Pedicure

Includes upgraded hydration jelly soak with rose petals, nail & cuticle care, and more!

B2B Paraffin Infusion Pedicure

Includes copper detox/anti-fungal soak, nail & cuticle care, and more!

Deluxe Medi-Heel Pedicure

Includes anti-fungal soak, nail & cuticle care, illuminating nail brightener, and more!

Classic Wellness Pedicure(65+)

Are you a senior looking to better the health of your feet? Consider experiencing the pedicure designed with age in mind; copper detox/anti-fungal soak, nail & cuticle care, a customized hydration treatment, and more! Designed for seniors looking to better their hand health!

Essential Diabetic Pedicure

If you have diabetes or are pre-diabetic, this pedicure is essential to the health of your feet. This treatment includes nail & cuticle care, seaweed exfoliant, hot towel removal, hydration, anti-fungal base coat, traditional polish, and cuticle oil.

Medical Pedicure Trim

Many individuals require basic nail care on their feet. This Medical Pedicure considers those medical concerns while providing you with nail & cuticle care, nail whitening cleanser, and an anti-fungal base coat.

La Petite Volcano Pedicure (16 & under)

B2B has developed the perfect pedicure for the kiddos and the tweens. The Volcano Pedicure includes color therapy detox soak with Volcano Crystals and Activators combined to create a refreshing and detoxifying experience with a fun bubbling explosion! The bubbling explosion is followed by a scrub, a mask, hot towels, great lotion, polish, and cuticle oil. The princess has experienced the ultimate treatment in a pedicure.


Nail Art
Stamping Fingers
Line Tape
Rockstar Nails
Spider Gel
Stamping Toes

Gel Polish Removal

B2B begins by removing old product not applied by a B2B professional. We Include the application of cuticle conditioner to nourish your nails. When the B2B team doesn’t know what kind of product was applied to the nail, there will be an added service fee. Removing the unknown product with safety as a priority is very important. Non-professional acrylic/gel products can take extra time and care.